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Act 350 of 1913
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Act 350 of 1913

AN ACT to enable counties to establish and maintain public hospitals, levy a tax and issue bonds therefor, borrow money and issue bonds and notes therefor, elect hospital trustees, maintain training schools for nurses, maintain nursing home facilities, provide suitable means for the care of tuberculous persons, and to make possible the ultimate establishment of an adequate supply of hospitals.

History: 1913, Act 350, Eff. Aug. 14, 1913 ;-- Am. 1933, Act 219, Eff. Oct. 17, 1933 ;-- Am. 1964, Act 242, Eff. Aug. 28, 1964

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 331.151SectionCounty public hospital; contagious diseases; establishment, referendum.
Section 331.151aSectionRepealed. 1960, Act 43, Imd. Eff. Apr. 19, 1960.
Section 331.152SectionReferendum; election procedure, ballots.
Section 331.153SectionBoard of trustees; appointment; number of trustees; qualifications; terms.
Section 331.154SectionBoard of trustees; oath; organization; officers; compensation; powers and duties; money; legal advisor; meetings; record; quorum; pecuniary interest; board as body corporate; suits.
Section 331.154aSectionBoard of trustees; employee retirement or pension plan.
Section 331.155SectionRepealed. 1971, Act 167, Imd. Eff. Nov. 30, 1971.
Section 331.156SectionBoard of trustees; bond issuance, referendum.
Section 331.158SectionState board of health; approval of building plans; bids, advertisement.
Section 331.159SectionAnnual appropriation.
Section 331.160SectionCounty hospital; admission, payment of compensation, regulations, nonresidents.
Section 331.161SectionBoard of trustees; hospital operation rules, records, denial of privileges to physicians.
Section 331.162SectionBoard of trustees; acceptance of donations.
Section 331.163SectionCounty hospitals; physician's right to treat patients, right to employ physicians or nurse.
Section 331.164SectionNurses' training school; establishment.
Section 331.164aSectionNursing home facilities; establishment.
Section 331.165SectionInsanity; examination room.
Section 331.166SectionTubercular patients; accommodations, rules, head nurse.
Section 331.167SectionCharity patients; determination; compensation for care.
Section 331.168SectionIndigent tubercular patients; contracts for care.
Section 331.169SectionDependent children; accommodations and care.
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