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Act 73 of 1988
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Act 73 of 1988

AN ACT to provide for certain responsibilities and duties of the family independence agency and county juvenile agencies and certain facilities, institutions, and agencies; and to provide for the preparation of certain reports pertaining to certain juveniles.

History: 1988, Act 73, Eff. Oct. 1, 1988 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 521, Imd. Eff. Jan. 12, 1999
Compiler's Notes: Sec. 8 of Act 73 of 1988 provides: “This act shall take effect June 1, 1988.” This section was amended by Act 176 of 1988 to read as follows: “This act shall take effect October 1, 1988.”

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 803.221SectionShort title.
Section 803.222SectionDefinitions.
Section 803.223SectionAnnual report.
Section 803.224SectionInquiry; report.
Section 803.225SectionCommitment report; petition to conduct review hearing; combining annual report with review hearing.
Section 803.225aSectionCommunity placement and discharge from wardship; chemical testing for DNA identification profiling; exception; providing samples; manner; consent; hearing or court order not required; disclosure; assessment; “felony” and “sample” defined.
Section 803.226SectionContracts.
Section 803.227SectionConditional effective date.
Section 803.228SectionEffective date.
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