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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Chapter 52 - CORONERS
R.S. of 1846 ‑ Revised Statutes of 1846 (52.86 - 52.87)
     R‑S‑1846‑52‑86‑14 ‑ CHAPTER 14 Chapter 14. Of County Officers (continued) (52.86... 52.87)
          R‑S‑1846‑52‑86‑14‑CORONERS. ‑ CORONERS. (52.86... 52.87)
               Section 52.86, 52.87 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 635, Imd. Eff. Jan. 8, 1979.
Act 345 of 1919 ‑ CORONERS (52.111 - 52.118)
     Section 52.111 ‑ Coroners in counties over 250,000; qualifications.
     Section 52.112 ‑ Coroners in counties over 250,000; compensation.
     Section 52.113 ‑ Coroners in counties over 250,000; disposition of fees, itemized statement.
     Section 52.114 ‑ Coroners in counties over 250,000; deputy, appointment, powers, compensation.
     Section 52.115 ‑ Coroners in counties over 250,000; clerks and assistants, appointment, compensation, terms.
     Section 52.116 ‑ Coroner; office hours.
     Section 52.117 ‑ Construction of act.
     Section 52.118 ‑ Violation of act; penalty.
Act 143 of 1945 ‑ TRANSFER OF CORONER'S DUTIES TO HEALTH OFFICER (52.141 - 52.146)
     Section 52.141 ‑ Coroner; abolition of office in certain counties; transfer of duties to county health officer; provisions governing.
     Section 52.142 ‑ County health officer; compensation; deputies, appointment, powers, compensation.
     Section 52.143 ‑ Morgue facilities.
     Section 52.144 ‑ County health officer and deputies; payment of compensation.
     Section 52.145 ‑ No election of coroners where act effective.
     Section 52.146 ‑ County health officer; powers.
Act 181 of 1953 ‑ COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS (52.201 - 52.216)
     Section 52.201 ‑ Coroner; abolition of office; county medical examiner; appointment; terms; vacancies; civil service; qualifications; agreement among counties.
     Section 52.201a ‑ Deputy county medical examiner and medical examiner investigators; appointment; qualifications; approval; duties of investigator.
     Section 52.201b ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Mar. 4, 2002.
     Section 52.201c ‑ County medical examiner; powers and duties; establishment of elderly and vulnerable adult death review team.
     Section 52.201d ‑ Deputy county medical examiners; appointment in counties under civil service.
     Section 52.201e ‑ County medical examiner and deputies; compensation and expenses.
     Section 52.201f ‑ County medical examiner and deputies; removal.
     Section 52.202 ‑ Investigation by county medical examiner as to cause and manner of death; prisoners; medical records, papers, or documents; exemption from disclosure; definitions.
     Section 52.203 ‑ Notice to county medical examiner by physician or individual with knowledge of certain deaths; knowledge that 2 or more individuals involved were same age, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and race; notice not required; review by elderly and vulnerable adult death review team; disclosure.
     Section 52.204 ‑ Violent, unexpected or medically unattended deaths; removal of body, notice; violation of section, penalty.
     Section 52.205 ‑ Notice of body; manner of death; removal of body to morgue; investigation; designation and duties of medical examiner investigator; list of investigators and qualifications; autopsy; ascertaining identity of decedent and notifying next of kin; impossible identification or knowledge that 2 individuals share same attributes; records; disposition of body; retention of portion of body.
     Section 52.205a ‑ Sudden death, cause unknown, of child under age of 2 years; report; request for autopsy; notice of results; costs; rules.
     Section 52.206 ‑ Private morgue; compensation.
     Section 52.207 ‑ Violent, unexpected or medically unattended deaths; investigation by county medical examiner; inquest.
     Section 52.208 ‑ Violent, unexpected or medically unattended deaths; personalty found on deceased's person, possession, inventory, disposition, use as evidence.
     Section 52.209 ‑ Body determined suitable for donation; agreement; release of information; conduct of examination within certain time period; section to be known as "Kyle Ray Horning's law."
     Section 52.210 ‑ Removal of body to crematory; permit from county medical examiner; violation of section, penalty.
     Section 52.211 ‑ County medical examiner; records.
     Section 52.212 ‑ County medical examiner and deputies; testimony, expenses.
     Section 52.213 ‑ Coroner; transfer of powers and duties to county medical examiner, abolition of office; transfer of proceedings and records.
     Section 52.213a ‑ Coroner; transfer of powers and duties to county medical examiner, abolition of office; transfer of proceedings.
     Section 52.213b ‑ Coroner; transfer of records.
     Section 52.213c ‑ County health officer; designation as county medical examiner.
     Section 52.214, 52.215 ‑ Repealed. 1969, Act 92, Imd. Eff. July 24, 1969.
     Section 52.216 ‑ Coroners; completion of term after effective date of act.

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