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Act 40 of 1987
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Act 40 of 1987

AN ACT to regulate the sale, exchange, and consignment of certain art objects produced in multiples.

History: 1987, Act 40, Eff. Dec. 9, 1987

© 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 442.351SectionShort title.
Section 442.351aSectionDefinitions.
Section 442.352SectionInformation required; transactions to which act applicable.
Section 442.353SectionCatalog, prospectus, flyer or other written material or advertisement.
Section 442.354SectionPosting of legible sign.
Section 442.355SectionInformation to be supplied for each multiple; express warranty.
Section 442.356SectionSupplying information for multiple produced after December 31, 1949.
Section 442.357SectionSupplying information for multiple produced after December 31, 1899.
Section 442.358SectionSupplying information for multiple produced before January 1, 1900.
Section 442.359SectionInformation as basis of bargain; express warranty; effect of furnishing name of artist; negating or limiting warranty; defense in action to enforce warranty; information regarding photographs; statement that information not applicable; disclaimer.
Section 442.360SectionRights, liabilities, and remedies cumulative.
Section 442.361SectionIncurring obligations prescribed for art merchant.
Section 442.362SectionViolation; liability.
Section 442.363SectionArt merchant as agent for consignor or artist; liabilities; effect of good faith reliance on incorrect information.
Section 442.364SectionLiability of consignor to purchaser.
Section 442.365SectionAction to enforce act.
Section 442.366SectionEffective date.
Section 442.367SectionConditional effective date.
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