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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 47 of 2019

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Michigan's Constitution help image

  Michigan Constitution of 1963(Current)
  Michigan Constitution of 1963 as ratified
  Michigan Constitution with Table of Contents and Index*
  Michigan Constitution of 1908 as ratified(Historical Document)
  Michigan Constitution of 1908 as amended(Historical Document)
  Michigan Constitution of 1850 as ratified(Historical Document)
  Michigan Constitution of 1850 final amended version(Historical Document)
  Michigan Constitution of 1835(Historical Document)

*Caution: Updates may be slightly delayed for this version. Please note: The historical documents above are represented as last amended, and not as originally drafted, unless 'as ratified' is indicated. These documents do not contain compiler's notes, which tell what changed and when. This information may be added in the future.

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